Is motorsports an effective way to invest your advertising dollars?

Practically every American is interested in cars! They drive, wash, trade, and personalize them. Racing represents the ultimate expression of this love affair with the automobile, and attracts the attention of almost every auto enthusiast.

In 1991, race attendance in North America increased by 449,901! * The number of spectators is an important barometer of the sports’ popularity and this increase is a spectacular endorsement of the sport considering the sluggish economy, limited seating capacity, and the increased amount of live television coverage.

Motorsports enthusiasts are famous for their brand loyalty! That's why corporations from Procter & Gamble to McDonald's use motorsports advertising year after year. Smaller companies sponsor local racers for the same reason... motorsports advertising works at all levels.

The Sports Car Club of America is this country's premier road racing organization! With classes of cars ranging from exotic racers to those found in your driveway, you can bet that your customers will identify with SCCA Club Racing.


The over 54,000 members of the SCCA are in themselves a valuable market.

Consider these facts:**

The average SCCA member's household income is $67,742.

Over half of SCCA members hold professional and/or managerial occupations and 60% hold college degrees.

The median age for an SCCA member is 36.5 years with 64% falling between the ages 24 and 44.

78% of SCCA members own their own home and 65% own three or more automobiles.

The average SCCA member spends $4,992 on parts, maintenance and aftermarket accessories for their street and competition cars… representing a total market of well over $100 million annually.

Sponsoring a car can be a cost effective way to reach the local SCCA membership and if you advertise your sponsorship in SportsCar (SCCA's exclusive magazine), the entire SCCA membership. Remember SCCA members are loyal to their sponsors... it makes sense to support the companies that promote our chosen sport and our club. There are thousands of SCCA members in Texas. Advertising rates for the Houston SCCA Newsletter are also extremely reasonable.

*At the 15 major auto racing series tracked by Goodyear in 1991. **Red Lion Press, SCCA Demographic Survey, 1991