What is SCCA Club Racing?

Club Racing is intense, highly competitive, wheel-to-wheel racing on paved road tracks throughout the United States. Every year, there are over 350 race events, each consists of a dozen or so races featuring up to twenty-five different classes of race cars. Chances are, there is a Club Racing event near you! In Texas, there are races in College Station, Austin (Circuit of the Americas), Decatur, and Angleton.

Club Racing is real people and real cars. The "stars" range from students to retired executives. Cars range from Camaros and Mustangs to Indy-like formula cars. Prices vary from $2,000 for a used race sedan to over $100,000 for a new GT or open-wheel car. Some drivers enjoy commercial support, while others do not.

SCCA Racing has a rich history dating back to 1944 when a handful of young men wanted to race European style, on roads instead of closed ovals. The club's purpose was, and remains, simple: to organize and conduct motorsports events of all types for its members to safely participate, as drivers, crew, workers, or spectators.

Each year more and more people, men and women, get involved in our racing programs. Whether they are racing for pure enjoyment, or as a stepping stone to a professional career, our racers show a level of character and professionalism unmatched in any other form of motorsports.

Created to accommodate enthusiasts who want to race modified Mustangs and Camaros, American Sedan is the SCCA's class of racing for Detroit-based V-8 powered sedans. Touring 2 or T2 is a class for later model Corvettes, Mustangs and some Japanese cars; modifications include roll cage, safety equipment and minor suspension and engine upgrades.

To learn more about Club Racing Visit the SCCA at http://www.scca.com

Our American Sedan Camaro at the SCCA Runoffs , MID-OHIO 1995